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When it rains, it rains… a lot

Posted by: mose

Posted in: Life, Rantings

Things aren’t going so well right now. Our TV (less than a year old) just died. We were able to afford a slightly “better” TV by going with a Panasonic (I think) subsidiary called Smartvision. Two days ago, the picture froze with diagonal lines all over. Wouldn’t even power off until I unplugged it. Today, it just blipped out. Won’t turn on. If you try, the indicator light on the front just flashes.

No big deal, right? We purchased the extended warranty, so we’re covered, right? So, we called the store where we bought it and were advised we bought the manufacturer’s extended warranty and we would have to contact them. I look at the back of the User Manual. The only phone numbers are in Hong Kong. This cannot be good. I had to wait until after 9:00 AM Hong Kong time to get anyone on the phone. As suspected, they spoke very little English and were entirely incapable of helping me. (This is NOT good.) I ended up writing everything up in an e-mail, with translations into both traditional and simplified Chinese for good measure. We’ll see how far this goes.

Somehow I doubt it will go towards a working television.

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