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Are you ready to rock?

Posted by: mose

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So, I’m back in “the studio”, as the recording bug has once again bitten me. Things are progressing nicely, other than the fact that I have no mixing ability. I’ve decided on a cover for this edition. I’ll attach a preview to this post sometime this evening. It’s not half bad, if I must say so myself. I just wish I could wrap my head around Nuendo and record it in there. Acid is easier, but nowhere near as robust.

In other news, I have taken the Gut Kick page down. Got tired of making promises I can’t (won’t) keep, and at this point the page stood for embarrassment only and not accountability.

For a tertiary level of news, I e-mailed a copy of my Ihop rant to them directly. Maybe we will see some manner of reconciliation. Maybe not.

Finally, I’ve been reviewing traffic logs for this little site o’ mine. The number one search result that people are finding this site through is “Wendell, I’m not content”. Apparently people are googling Far Side cartoons and getting as a result. I find this hilarious. Maybe I should add some other keywords to get traffic.

::Ahem:: Britney Spears, Metallica, Darfur, Ron Paul, Rudy Giulliani, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Osama, Aunt Jemima.

That outta do it.

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