A slick and polished mess.

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How the heck did we do that? The latest version of “Get unfat” starts tomorrow. I was working out in the garage a little bit ago and finally got around to fixing my bike*. To make sure it was fixed I decided to take it once around the block. Now I’m sitting here huffing like an emphysemic. Granted we live on a rather steep and long hill, but still, it was a wake up call. Catching up to 30 soon. Don’t have a lot of time left in this (relatively young) body to get it in shape before everything starts going downhill.

One Comment to “Remember when you were a kid and rode your bike for hours?”

  1. SAHDnate Says:

    I was a chubby kid and was never able to ride my bike for hours. Oh, I would try but my portly girth would try to hug the life out of me! I’m in probably better shape now than when I was ten. And that isn’t good because I’m not in very good shape right now!

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