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A good old fashioned rant

Posted by: mose

Posted in: Rantings

The official ProtusMose List of Things That Annoying The Living Crap Out Of Me for the week of June 7, 2009.

* Chlorinating granules. These things refuse to dissolve. The bottom of my pool is likely to be bleached. I am also displeased with their efficacy.

* The mispronunciation of the word coupon as “Cue pon”. Coupon rhymes with Grey Poupon (but without the french accent). You don’t pick between a sedan or a kewp. You don’t overthrow your government with a kewp de tat. You don’t get discounts on items at retail stores with a kewpon.

* People who yell at me and then expect me to bend over backwards to help them with something.

* Getting old.

That is all.

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