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I watch parts of American Idol sometimes. It’s a way to spend time with my wife doing something she enjoys. I usually can’t sit through a whole show, though. Last night we were finishing a late dinner when the show came on. That Adam Lambert kid, looking as smug and douchey as ever, is standing next to Seacrest and I think to myself, “Man, that guy is such a tool.”

Then it hit me. The universe has scoured its depths and pulled forth the impossible. Here we have someone standing next to Ryan Seacrest and looks like even more of a tool than Seacrest does. I never would have thought this to be possible. Seacrest needs to hire Lambert to hang out with him at all times to lower his d-bag level.

One Comment to “For the first time in history…”

  1. the wife Says:

    I can’t sit through a whole show either, notice how I leave the room when Adam Lambert sings.

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