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Ladies and gentlemen. I present to you what I promise will be the best film of this year. October 16, 2009. Mark your calendars. This is going to be special.

How can this not be utterly epic? In the hands of a lesser director, I would cringe. With Spike Jonze in control, I can barely contain my excitement.

Without further adieu, I present the trailer for: Where The Wild Things Are

Pins and needles, gang. Pins and needles.


  1. Gini Says:

    Yep, I’m really looking forward to this one! They better not have screwed it up. THEY BETTER NOT.

    Also Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Creepiness!!

  2. Wifey Says:

    So this is what you were talking to me about as I slept last night. I vaguely remember a conversation about it.

  3. rob Says:

    Wowsers….you are correct Mose. Possibly the most epic movie since The Neverending Story.

  4. your mama Says:

    you used to love this book when you were little, I guess that is why you are so excited about it! Never heard of Spike….

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