A slick and polished mess.

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So I watched American Idol tonight. I usually don’t, but I missed my wife and it was an easy way to spend time with her.

This kid is the worst human being in the history of the world. He should be shot with an elephant gun, run over by a semi, his body burned with napalm and his ashes soaked in elephant urine.

This is the only video I could find of it now. It just happened an hour ago, so a better one will be up tomorrow probably.

That is the worst rendition I could possibly think of. A middle-eastern/80s/wannabe cure version of Ring of Fire? Adam Lambert, kill yourself. Please.

Show him how it’s done, Johnny.

3 Comments to “Holy crap. What the heck was that?”

  1. Wifey Says:

    Thanks for spending time with me, it was nice – even if our ears were bleeding! He should know what the rest of America does – you DO NOT mess with Johnny Cash. He’s a legend and I think this song will be his demise – as least that’s what I am hoping for. Hopefully the rest of America realized it too and wasn’t swayed by the massive amounts of eyeliner and nail polish.

  2. your mama Says:

    your father was having a cardiac arrest during this performance, I am sure you can just hear him now…..

  3. Sasa Says:

    Holy crap is right! That kid needs a therapist.

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