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Since I’m home more during the day now, I’m privileged to see more day-time basic cable classics. PBS is pretty good from 6AM-7AM. Just a few minutes ago, we were watching Golden Girls. You know, it was boring when I was 10. HIGHlarious now. The highpoint of my morning, really. (Yes, it’s a sad existence.) So, we’re at the breakfast table and my daughter looks towards the TV and utters the most profound questioning of the stimulus in front of her. “Daddy, is the girl in the pink a boy or a girl?” I told her, “It’s a girl, sweetie.” “Well, it kind of looks like a boy.”

Of course, she was referring to the lovely, beautiful Bea Arthur.

Gaze upon her visage...

For Teh Lulz

2 Comments to “My daughter – the unintentional comedian”

  1. Gini Says:

    HAAAA!!! Kati is my hero! Golden Girls is my favorite favorite show and when I was little in the Philippines I asked that very same question and my dad had considerable trouble convincing me Bea was a woman. Her voice was so deep! (is) And the shoulder pads certainly didn’t help. I’m so glad you’re watching it together! And look, here are dolls! (scroll down a bit)

  2. mose Says:

    You know, I’m going to pass on the chance for an $800 clay monstrosity. :O

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