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So, in regards to this, I had my impromptu interview with the Bellevue Police Department on Friday. Immediately afterward I felt I had knocked it out of the park. Later on I got more nervous about some of my responses; however, it’s done now and constantly fretting over it isn’t going to do anything at all. The gracious Lieutenant seemed generally impressed. When I handed him my four year old license, I had to tell him, “Ignore the weight, I lost 50 lbs a few years ago.” That seemed to catch his attention. Hopefully it shows discipline and responsibility. He also seemed generally pleased with my current “exercise regimen.”

Of course, I had to endure the “situational” interview questions. I really can’t stand “Tell me about a time” questions. In this case, they were actually relevant to the position itself, so I can’t complain too much. The only thing I did “wrong” by classical advice, was in reference to a previous employer. I know you aren’t supposed to say anything bad about your past employer, but in a few of the questions, it really was the only honest answer. Everything I’ve read about trying to get a job in this field contains this advice: “They’re not looking for perfect people. They’re looking for honest people.” Hopefully the lieutenant understood the pertinence of the answers and weighed them on their merit as such.

In the end, he said he would get my paperwork in with everyone else who already had a real interview and they would begin selections to move on to background checks. I can’t help but fear that my little paperwork snafu has hurt me in the process. However, I have absolute faith that, if this is truly God’s will, He won’t let that stop us. If I recall correctly, he said they would start that in January, or make a decision in January. Something like that. If this doesn’t work out, the other two agencies I applied for will also hire in the first half of next year.

Prayers are eagerly welcomed, both for this and for work in the meantime to pay bills. Savings is shrinking.

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  1. Gini Says:

    Awesome news! I hope you get it!

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