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Sorry to be such a downer. =(

Sorry to be such a downer. =(

Yep, that’s us. While I’ve been able to work, the wage simply isn’t livable. I don’t know how much longer we can make this work. I can’t really get a second job because the hours for this one are unpredictable.

Work itself is still going okay, I guess. A lot of it, so far at least, is assisting and grunt work. When I do get actual tasks, I typically don’t get it right the first time or have to stop and ask questions. That part really isn’t easy for me. I’ve always been good at whatever I’ve done. Ask me where anything is in the Office Max in Colorado Springs. I can probably still tell you to within 3′ where everything in that store was when I worked there a decade ago. I can lay the smack-down a decent computer-networking issues. Heck, if you sat me down to retake my Series 7 Exam, I could probably pass or come darn close with no studying, and despite not being on the front lines for over a year. (If that doesn’t sound impressive, you’ve never taken that test.) I’ve just always adapted easily, and typically risen through the ranks to be one of the leaders, no matter where I am. So, it’s incredibly frustrating to be starting from scratch in a whole new world, where I know nothing and am lousy at everything. I’m learning some stuff, but still feel like I mess up a lot.

Here’s hoping Bellevue PD calls soon. If they don’t, I’m not sure what we’ll do. God help us. (He will.)

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