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Man, I really need to update more often. Let me explain to you how these multi-week lapses go.

I get an idea for a story, but not enough substance to actually publish it. So, I mentally file it away to work out later. Then, it disappears. This will happen a few times a week. Then one day I look at this place and go, “Wow, it’s been forever since an update. I need to come up with something good. This pressure delays any updates further, as I want to make sure it’s something awesome. Finally, everything builds up to the point where I say, “Okay, new post. Subject: everything I’ve been thinking of for a month. Coherence: None. Structure: Fractured. Go.” In accordance with this process, I present the following.

We’ll start with stuff I need. I need a new humidifier. The one we have on our furnace died this winter. Ever since then, I’ve had this horrid build up of I-don’t-want-to-know-what in the back of my throat. I have to clear my throat every 3 minutes like an old man. It’s really bad at night. I hate it. My wife hates it worse. It wakes Ava up, which makes both of us exhausted. Yeah, a new humidifier would be nice.

I would also love a flat yard. This pool debacle is driving me nuts. Now, we’re thinking about moving the pool closer to the deck altogether. It’ll be a lot closer to the house, but we’ll have to dig up the brick patio, find someway to dispose of it. Dig that section to level, and then find a way to fix the 16′ hole in the yard. The alternative is to rent some big machinery to level out the hole we have and have someone come pick up the excess dirt. If we put it closer to the house though, there will be all of 8″-1′ of clearance between the pool and the deck, and the fence. I really wish there was someway I could pay someone to do this, but it’s too small a job for anyone to want. :/

Tattoos are cool. I wish I had some; however, my wife won’t allow it. I would love it though. I wouldn’t go nuts; just two or three. I’d get three spikes on my left arm, and a Demon Hunter tag on the right. DH tats are just so spectacularly awesome. For such a simplistic concept, there are so many ways to take it stylistically. There’s the basic:

Plain Jane
The detailed:

The abstract: wickedsaus

And the epically awesome: ROAAARRRRRRRR

Oh well, it’ll never happen, but a guy can dream, can’t he?


Now, onto things that I have:

Kati is an awesome kid. I love her to death. Today, Sasa was playfully quizzing her about people in her life. “Who’s the funniest person?” etc, etc. When she asked Kati who her hero was, the answer was, “My daddy.” That makes you feel good.


By the way, for concerned parents, Demon Hunter would represent one who hunts demons, not a demon that hunts. Demon Hunter is a band. Demon Hunter rules. That is all.



3 Comments to “Tattoos, money, a flat yard, and other things I wish I had.”

  1. your mommy Says:

    Michael, Michael, motorcycle……. first, thank you for clarifying about how wonderful the band Demonhunter are……I listened to the video thinking it was not going to be that bad and then they opened their mouths and started screaming like they were possessed or something…….I guess you are not going to have to worry about not liking your kids music because you have such an open mind to music (or some kind of mind…..) love you

  2. your wife Says:

    Those tats are scary looking – you really want to have that permanently displayed on your person?!?!?!? That would scare your children, future grandchildren, and probably anyone else who ever saw it. It looks like the demon on my brothers arm, and even though this one is supposed to be a demon “hunter” it still looks like a demon. How about an angel? 🙂

  3. mose Says:

    The tattoos are demons. If you look closely, however, you’ll notice the giant bullet hole in it’s forehead. 😉

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