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Instead of the first woman or first black president, how about we get the first honest president?

Vote Ron Paul

Please review this article from the American Free Press

It does an excellent job of explaining many of the pressing issues facing our nation and how the three “front runner” candidates are woefully inadequate in regards to resolving them.

Since Mike Fakeabee dropped out, leaving McCain as the heir-apparent to the nomination, people have been asking me if I’m still supporting Dr. Paul. The answer, is a firm, “Yes.” Unless Dr. Paul specifically requests that his supporters vote for McCain in the general election, my vote still goes towards him as a write-in. Will he win? No, of course not. However, I do not feel I am “throwing my vote away.” I cannot, in good conscience, pledge support for that RINO, McCain. I also refuse to vote for McCain for the sole purpose of voting against Hillorama. Or Obamary. Instead, I choose to vote FOR the candidate who is the true champion of the individual, and of liberty. Let my vote be counted among those that refuse to vote for who the party leadership tells us to vote for.

Make no mistake, Ron Paul is not the Republican nominee because the leaders of the Republican party decided he was not the nominee. This was decided before the first primary or straw poll. Can you blame them? Why would they help elect someone who would clean out their own Tammany Hall, expose their agendas, and fight for the people, instead of lobbyists and special interest groups?

Remember kids, just say, “No!” to RINOs. Instead, say, “Yes!” to liberty.

Mosecrest out.

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