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Things that are fantastic.

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I was thinking yesterday about making a new post: “Things I hate: Volume IV”. That got me thinking though. A lot of the posts on here are rather negative. Heck, I’ve even got a category for rantings. Regrettably, I know I’m somewhat of a Negative Nancy. It’s better than Debbie Downer, but still not a desirable persona to maintain. I don’t want to be known as the guy that complains all the time. I want to be the “Fantastic!” guy. “He’s cool, but saying ‘Fantastic!’ all the time is getting old.” I don’t care. I thing being the guy who says fantastic too much is better than being the whiny guy.

So, I have created a new category: Fantastic! Here’s the first post in said category.

These are things that are utterly and unequivocally fantastic.

1. Relevant Magazine and the Relevant Magazine Podcast. The magazine has fantastic and insightful articles related to its tagline: God, Life, Progressive culture. There are pieces that challenge me spiritually, things that relate directly to me, and things that turn me on to new bands, movies, books, etc. Subscriptions are ridiculously cheap. One year for $12 or two for $20. You can’t beat it. The podcast is absolutely hilarious. I usually listen to it while mowing the yard or I’ll burn it and listen to it in the car. I always wonder what my neighbors or fellow drivers are thinking of the grinning laughing idiot walking around the yard or sitting in the empty car. Hopefully, they don’t think I’m a serial killer.

2. Walk My Plant, the text-based MMORPG is really fun and stealing a lot of my free time. If you want to start playing, please go to the Pirates! link at the top of the page and join through the link on that page so I get some free gold, please. GGKTHXBAI

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What’s going on?

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I’m not necessarily overly enamored with my job right now, but I like working. I enjoy getting up, going out, and earning a living. Being able to use my talents to contribute to my family’s well-being brings me pride.

What if that was all taken away?

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This just in…

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If you’re an adult male and find yourself ending a phone conversation with “bye bye”, you’re in need of immediate medical assistance. If you notice yourself doing this, proceed directly to your primary care provider and receive an immediate testosterone shot before your transformation into a 13 year old girl is complete.

Other signs of this transmogrification include the use of “cool beans.” Sadly, this is typically symptomatic of terminal womanly transformation. You are likely beyond hope and should begin stocking up blouses and comfortable lady-shoes.

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1. I’m somewhat of a grammar, spelling, & pronunciation nazi. Today’s pet peeve: sell & sale. They aren’t the same word. They do not sound the same. They do not rhyme. If they rhyme when you say them, then:

2. “Lord, search my heart,
create in me something clean.
You see flowers in these weeds. ” – Reese Roper

I hope He does. My life’s rather weedy right now. I’m not in a very good place, spiritually, and I don’t know why. It’s like looking out a tinted window. I can see the sun, but can’t really feel the warmth. This will require some action before I drift any further towards apathy.

3. Ireland is awesome. They are currently the only country with the gonads to stand up to the European Union’s borg-like assimilation mission.

Ireland rejects Treaty of Lisbon

“The Irish electorate has rejected the European Union’s Treaty of Lisbon. Irish television says 54 percent voted against and 46 percent for the treaty in Thursday’s referendum. Ireland was the only EU country to hold a vote* on the issue.”

That’s right, they let the people vote on an issue that directly affects their lives.

“Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowan did his best to persuade people to vote in favour of the treaty which was designed to strengthen the EU and streamline its institutions. However, opponents said it would give too much power to Brussels and could affect Ireland’s neutrality and abortion laws.

The ‘no’ vote signals crisis in the EU as the treaty can only implemented if it is ratified be all 27 member states. It has already been ratified in 18 countries.”

Good for you, Ireland.


To finish it off, how about some Jewish reggae/rap? I agree, mother. That’s a fantastic idea. Here’s some music. With a video. Matisyahu is just plain dope. His rhymes are tight, and the lyrics are beautiful poetry.

I apologize for the ringtone spam at the bottom of the video. That’s the only copy I could find that allowed embedding.

* The word plebiscite has been changed to “vote” for simplicity’s sake.

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$5 Footlongs


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