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The author is a 27 year old e-ninja specializing in: pwning noobs, guitarification, rocking, fits of rage, and coss-stitching.

FAQs –

1. What in the world is Protus Mose?

I’m glad you asked!

I’m glad you asked. Sit back children, let me tell you a story.
A friend and I were sitting in church one morning, perusing the weekly bulletin, waiting to go back on stage and finish the worship set. This week’s bulletin was filled with letters from people in Africa who wrote in to the missionary centers. One gentleman’s name was Protus Mose. I saw the name at the same time, and immediately thought that it was cool. Michael registered, the following week and took up the Internet moniker of, you guessed it, ProtusMose. Here is a copy of that newsletter, with a picture of Protus Mose. If the real Protus Mose is somehow offended by this homage, let me know and I’ll take it down.

Front of the bulletin

Back of bulletin

Teh mose in all his glory.

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