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So, a lot has happened since the last update. Let’s run through them, shall we?

#1. Peace out

So long, Bill. It’s been a rough ride, and I wish you the best. (Just not in my state.) Who, then, shall lead my beloved Huskers onto the field of glory? Even though Pelini was only here a year, you got the sense that he “got” the tradition, and how serious we, the fans, take Nebraska football. We have high standards. More importantly, he seemed passionate about the game and about our kids. Callahan seemed like an Offensive coordinator who belonged in a press box; detached from the game and not caring about the outcome. Being the worst team in the league didn’t seem to bother him. This must have trickled down to the guys on the field, because that’s exactly how they played under him. There was no drive, no intensity. They looked like every game was a scrimmage and they didn’t care one way or another. Whether the new coach has been with us in the past, or is a newcomer, they need to have a sense of who we are. We are a national powerhouse at heart. Anything less is unacceptable. Bo gets that I think, and he gets my vote. Turner Gill seems a good choice, but I think I’d like to see him with a little more experience.

#2. I’ve really lost all love for my work. I find no joy in it. Compensation isn’t an issue. I’d love to be paid more (and honestly believe I should); however, that’s not the issue here. I don’t believe in what I do, or the people for whom I do it. I’m stuck in this position through the middle of next year, in all likelihood. I’ll keep trying to get out; but, a series of dampers has been implemented to keep everyone where they are for the short-term future. Can I stay that long without completely burning out? Have I already pushed past that point? I don’t know.


#3. I didn’t get the job I interviewed for two weeks ago. I had a feeling it was coming, particularly since they were supposed to have a decision by last Friday. Still, as much as I loathe my current position, I cannot find cause to curse this development. The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord. I put this in His hands before the interview and see no reason to snatch it back just because things didn’t go as I wished them to. If it is not His will for me to move on at this point, I have no recourse but to swallow my pride, and surrender myself to be governed by His will and provision. He has plans for me, yet.

I just wish I knew what they were…

#4. Heroes is awesome.

#5. It’s not June, but call your father and thank him anyway. I spent a few hours this weekend putting up Christmas lights for Kati. She didn’t specifically ask me to, but I know she loves them and it would make her happy. The problem is I’ve got a moderate fear of heights. Not enough to make me wet my pants on a tall building, but enough to make me real nervous at the top of a tall ladder; nervous enough to make a rather painful mistake. But I climbed up that ladder a few dozen times, performing precision roof surgery. Why? Because I love my kid. At one point I looked down to the ground (never a good idea, btw) and decided I should probably call dad and thank him for all of the stupid things he did to make my sister and I happy when we growing up. I’ll have to remember to do that tonight. You should too.

That is all.

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  1. Leigh Ann Says:


    #1 – Thank God Callahan is gone, he was a detriment to the Husker tradition and lacked the enthusiasm to rally his team to a win.

    #2 – I hope no one from your work reads this blog.

    #3 – Everything works out for a reason, it is hard to know what one door shuts sometimes but there is almost something better for us, we just have to trust that God has the big picture. 9/9/07 Letting God Lead – remember that!

    #4 – Agreed

    #5 – Being a parent makes it apparent what sacrifices our parents made for us including giving way to their fears or insecurities to make memories and special times for us. It is in these times, we truly appreciate our parents and love them even more because now we can appreciate all that they have done.

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