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Are you ready to rock? Volume II

Posted by: mose

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So I promised a preview in the previous post, yet never did it. It’s just as well, though. The teaser probably won’t entice anyone to listen to the finished product, when published. I thought about putting it with the backing track so at least there would be drums, and you’d get a better idea of how it’s supposed to sound when done. I might as well put it out there naked for the world, though. It’s rough, the timing is off. There’s mistakes and miscues. And, boy, do I need a new effect. Oh well. Such is life. Enjoy.


By the way, the song is actually only 1/3 of the total track time. If you keep listening, you’ll enjoy 3 minutes or so of dead air. :O

*Update* I re-recorded a lot of it last night. Some sounds better. Some of it sounds worse. It’s more complete though. AND, there’s no 3 minutes of silence at the end.

Oblivion Demo II

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