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Feel the Fu!

Posted by: mose

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So a few weeks ago, I had not shaven for a few days and decided I would let it go until my wife called me on it. By the time she complained, I was sporting a respectable beard. It was still young, but established, so I continued to grow it. Last night, I augmented it; partly to tick her off over an argument earlier yesterday evening, and partly just for fun. I shaved just one razor’s stripe down my chin, resulting in some odd pseudo-redneck-fu-manchu. The results were exactly what I was looking for. She was ticked, and I looked awesome. By Kati’s bedtime tonight, Leigh Ann put her foot down and told me she wouldn’t be seen in public with me until I shaved “that stupid beard”. So, I acquiesced. Kinda. I promptly went over to the sink and began shaving. Little did she know, I was only unleashing the full power of the fu. Now, my awesomeness is impossible to calculate or comprehend.


Feel the Fu!

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  1. Your Awesome Wife Says:

    You know, other people view your blog via mine, now they know just how weird and bizarre my husband is. Regardless of the insanity you bring to my life, I love you.

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