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Shaken up.

Posted by: mose

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Sometimes, five minutes can rock you to the core. Yesterday, I had an appointment with my neurologist/epileptologist about all of the problems I’ve been having with my head. I’ve got permanent post-concussive disorder, which causes random periods of dizziness, disorientation, “buzzing”, and other feelings that aren’t pleasant. I also get (when not on medicine) complex partial seizures. As far as I know, I’ve never had a full-blown tonic clonic / grand mal. At my appointment yesterday, they said they can’t determine what’s seizure related and what’s not, so they can’t treat it. They want to stick me in a hotel for five consecutive days, hooked up to an EEG 24 hours a day to see what happens. It’s extremely expensive ($20,000 and sounds extremely boring. Due to the financial aspect, we were looking at maybe doing it a few years from now, even though things have been getting pretty bad lately. Then again, sometimes, five minutes can rock you to the core. About a half an hour ago, a girl standing not 9 feet from me seized out. Full-on drop grand mal. Lasted a good five minutes. They just took her out to an ambulance about five minutes ago. Right now, I’m seriously freaked out. Is that what’s coming if I don’t get this taken care of? I can’t stop shaking (my hands/etc from the nerves, not an attack). I’ll be scheduling the monitoring appointment. And quickly.

There. There’s your update.

God help me.

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