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New Post? Marcus Welby.

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I’m actually going to type some words and compose a new blog update. This will be exciting. It’s been, what, two years? Odd things happen in the cycle of blogging. Or at least they did for me. This place started as a private corner to air my thoughts out to dry; to bounce ideas and frustrations off the anonymous cloud of interwebs. Then people started reading. You all ruined mah blagh. My wife got upset that I would blog about personal things that I had never talked to her about. At the time I thought it was an overreaction; however, that’s actually a very legitimate gripe. It wasn’t that I was intentionally hiding things from her. I just never thought to share those thoughts. So, many potential blog posts diverted into meaningful conversations with the woman I’m madly in love with. That’s wonderful for me, not so wonderful for the poor blog.

It was much easier when there was no one reading this thing. I could ask questions, get mad, and write in my little public diary. Then people started reading. And suddenly, I wasn’t writing for myself anymore. I had to keep an ‘audience’ in mind. Takes the wind out of my creative sails when I’m worried about what people will think.

Then, there’s Facebook. I used to get a small idea and develop that into a full post on here. Now, thanks to the instant nature of facebook, that crap gets shoved into a small status update and forgotten about. Yes, Facebook has robbed you of posts.

Finally, there’s nefarious HR representatives. I was looking for a job for quite a while. Employers are snoopier than ever, and make decisions off things they find online without a second thought. “Hey, this could be a great blog post! Wait, what if someone at XYZ company finds the blog and doesn’t like my: faith in Christ/taste of music/sense of humor/etc? I probably shouldn’t say anything.”

So, to recap, or as the kids say these days:


Marital intimacy, family, facebook, and the economy killed my blog.

It’s back though. I think I’ll come up with some original content soon.

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  1. Gini Says:

    Neat! I need to get back on my blog horse as well…someday. Heh.

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