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Yeah, so today is lousy.

Posted by: mose

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The day itself is fine. My head is a train wreck. Some days are good “head days” and others aren’t. Today is definitely a bad head day. I’ve been dizzy and cloudy headed all day. I’ve also felt “buzzy”. Ever stood under high voltage wires and felt the charge in the air? It’s like that, but in my head. I think I may have had a small seizure earlier; however, it lacked the dissociative aspect that helped characterize previous episodes. Who knows? This thing seems to change year to year. Maybe that’s the latest evolution. If so, it’s a welcome change. It’s been a few years since my last identifiable seizure. Every so often, I get weird episodes like earlier today.

The arm twitch is worse than ever this last week. I can’t imagine how it must look to others to see my arm jerking all over the place all day long.

Man, this is a depressing post. I need to see something happy, don’t you?

Maybe I’ll get one of these for the baby…

Level 1 Human

Mosecrest out

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