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It’s getting hot in here….

Posted by: mose

Posted in: Life, Whining

Life in Nebraska without air conditioning is miserable. When we moved into this house in May, we knew the A/C was old, but thought we would get a few more years out of it. It’s died twice so far. Each time, is over the weekend. By the time the evening is turning to night, it’s 80 degrees inside and 60 outside. Sleeping is “difficult”. Each time it dies and we have to have someone come out to fix it, I hope they’ll tell me it’s inoperable. We’d get a new one under the warranty, at least. Oh well.

And in more crummy news, MY POOR POOL! We weren’t able to get in for five days last week. I took the cover off Friday and the whole bottom is covered in algae. I spent all weekend shocking, chlorinating, and vacuuming the algae off the bottom. When it comes up, it’s too small to get captured by the bag, so it then disperses into the water and I have to cross my fingers it gets caught in the filter. Yesterday definitely looked better than Saturday. Hopefully, it looks decent tonight.

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