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Life is rough.

Posted by: mose

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I had to create a new category for this one: whining.

Things just kind of suck right now.Not as bad as before, but enough to ruin the heck out of a Friday.

Came home Wednesday to a house that was 87 degrees on the inside. Yep, our air conditioner is dying. After getting two irate phone calls from a hot pregnant woman, the home warranty people finally authorized an after hours call. The technician who looked at it pronounced the inside unit in serious condition and administered last rites to the outside unit. Keep in mind, we’ve lived there two months. A new AC’s going to run $2,000. We don’t have $200, let alone $2,000. We’re trying to work with the warranty company to get it through their heads that it broke after we bought it and they should cover it, but I’m not holding my breath.

The weight loss campaign is going nowhere. I’m going to be fat forever. I have no energy to exercise. I’m eating okay but not losing anything at all. I’m not sleeping well. I’m starting to have “head problems” again, but I’m afraid to tell my wife. She has enough things to worry about.

Recording is going rough. I’m making progress, but it’s still lousy. Maybe I’m just a crappy musician.

I hate pushy type A salespeople. Especially if they sound like food.

I’d say my prayers are bouncing off the ceiling, if I was praying.

I’m about 14 colors of messed up right now.

I better get my crap together, though.

After all, I’ve got a new air conditioner to buy.

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