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New beginnings

Posted by: mose

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So, a new look and a new blog. Got a new pair of running shoes too. Did a quick 1 mile jaunt around the neighborhood and my feet aren’t aching, so that’s a start. Hopefully, they’ll wear in nicely and I’ll get at least 200 miles out of them before all the cushion is gone. Since I just went and spent a chunk of change on new shoes, this means I have to start a new commitment to working out and weight loss. I’ve dropped 40 lbs since April, but things have mellowed out in the last couple of months. Things have just crept up to dampen progress; shoes dying, hamstring problems, life in general. Now, I’ll get a fresh start. That run was nice. It felt good to get out there and push concrete for a while again.

Hamstring still hurts. I guess nothing’s ever completely new again, is it?

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