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Oh, how I loathe sinus infections

Posted by: mose

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Last week we bought a fairly decent sized pool for the three of us to mess around with in the evening, and on weekends. Fun was to be had by all. We found what appeared to be a fairly flat space in the backyard; however, upon setup of the pool and subsequent filling, it became apparent the surface was woefully slanted. I tore it down and put the pool in the shed.

Next, came the arduous task of leveling the spot in the backyard. I expected this to take two-three evenings. That was Sunday. If you look at your calendar, you will see that this is Saturday. I am roughly 2/3 done with digging up the grass. Once the grass is up, I’ll have to dig around with the dirt to get it level, then bring in some sand to finish the job. Hopefully then we’ll have an acceptable surface of the pool.

Why has this taken so long? Apparently, I’m not cut out for manual labor. I neglected to wear gloves the first day and earned myself some nice blisters on both hands for my problems. Each day I’ve gone out in the evening and made some progress. It’s hard work though. I keep adjusting technique and plugging along until whatever the weak point in my posture/motion (shoulder, elbow, knee) forces me to quit. I found a way to vary and keep going, then I got this stupid cold. I can work through the headaches; but, the sinus infection is killing me. I keep digging, but each dig of the shovel is like getting punched in the face. I’ll work on it some more tonight and maybe by tomorrow I’ll have all the digging done. Sand it down Monday and get it set up Monday or Tuesday night.

That’s the plan, anyway. In reality, I’m hopeful to have it by next week. Oh wells.

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