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When will people learn?

Posted by: mose

Posted in: Just for lolz.

So while the girls are at their aunt’s today, I’ve gotten some stuff done. Got some new shoes, done a lot of housework, picked up balloons for my daughter’s party, etc. While I was working out a little, I turned the TV on and watched a little Jerry Springer. Not usually my taste but keep in mind we only have 20 channels and most of them are talk shows or soap operas at noon. Of course there’s some blatant transsexual who’s wanting to tell “her” boyfriend something. So she spills the secret and he’s completely shocked. Really? You had no idea? “Honey, I want you to come on the Jerry Springer show with me because I have something I want to tell you.” That means one of two things: 1. You chick’s not a chick or 2. Your chick’s been sleeping with 30+ other guys.

If the Springer show ever calls you to ask you to come on, there’s only one course of action. Leave whoever you’re with and move out of state.

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