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So, I’m finally going back to school. After high school, I was enrolled at a state school, and was lured out of the class registration line (literally out of standing in line) by a local technical college with promises of scholarships. I ended up going there and getting an Associate’s in Network Administration. I intended to get hired on somewhere and let them pay for the Bachelor’s upgrade. That never ended up happening, though. Now I’m coming up on 30 without a full degree. Worse yet, the school I went to was bought out by some random school system who was then bought out by Everest College. That’s right, the daytime TV commercials about medical assisting and other such crap. So, on paper my degree may as well have come from ITT Tech or Devry. Luckily, I found a job with a good company. (Waiting for confirmation tomorrow). It may not have taken this long, if I had a real degree on my resume.

So, I’m going back to finish one. Now I just have to figure out what to go for. My job is technology related. Do I get a programming or web development degree? Or, do I keep the police dream alive and get a criminal justice/investigations degree? I know some employers look just to see if you have a degree, not necessarily a pertinent one.

I’m torn. I’m a little apprehensive about jumping into the programming field. I’ve done hardware. I’ve done networking. I’ve done support. This is the one facet I haven’t explored yet. What if I’m no good at it? What if I throw $12,000 at school and somehow can’t do it? I’ve never failed anything, but for some reason I have misgivings about this. Maybe it’s just because….


Oh God.

Has it really been ten years since I graduated?


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