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What a week.

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Avast! Updates ahoy!

It’s been a long week (even if it’s not over.) First, I’d like to announce that I now play drums apparently. My position within the worship team at our church has changed a lot over the years. Bass to electric guitar back to bass, etc. When we lost our drummer, I eventually started playing the congas. I’m fairly decent with them, I think. Over the last year or so, I’ve stolen the crash cymbal from our cobweb-ridden drum set and incorporated that into the set. I’ve been using some multi-rod brush sticks and some inventive hand slaps for the cymbals and even used the sticks on the congas occasionally. For a while, I’ve been joking about dismantling the drum set and bringing the bass drum over so I can kick that too. Anyways, on Sunday morning at about 9:50, we were getting practice started. (Service begins at 10:30)I was joking around about moving the bass drum over and, with a little encouragement, decided to give the drums a shot as a whole. I’d tried before, but getting all four limbs to move together never really panned out. This time, however, it went off without much of a hitch really. We ran through the set fairly quickly. I was worried I would freeze or screw up during the service, but that went just fine also. It’s a little more tricky, though. I have to watch the worship leader rather carefully to see where they’re going with the song. On the congas, if I think we’re building up but realize they aren’t quite going there yet, I can back off subtly. Once you start building up on the big drums, you’ve pretty much committed to follow through. So, I guess I’m a drummer now. Luckily, I haven’t noticed any real drop in IQ. Quote of the day: Person 1: “That was great. When did he start playing drums?” My Wife: “About 45 minutes ago.”

On to the lousies. (You know that’s what you come here for.) Lost my keys this week. That sucks. House key, car keys, boopers to both vehicles, keys to the boss’s shop, etc. Gone. Probably buried in dirt at a new home construction or laying in a gutter some where. :\ I finally got my letter from Bellevue Police Department. I’ll save you the text in its entirety. The only important part read, “Unfortunately, your candidacy for one of these positions is no longer being considered.” I’m in the usual maelstrom of emotions on this one. Part of me is mad and depressed, but another part is relieved and thankful. I’m feeling very Jobish. It sucks that I didn’t get in. However, “The Lord gives and the Lord takes away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” I’ve been very dangerous in my prayers, at least physically. Throughout this process, after I received the invitation from Bellevue, I’ve prayed, “If this is Your will for my life, let it come to pass; however, if it is not within Your plans, let it fall away.” Sometimes I hate it when He answers prayers like that. Still, I am relieved and refreshed to know that He is still guiding my path. That is not to say my cup is running over in the faith department. As I stood there, holding the unopened letter in my shaking hands, I heard in my head, “Why are you so afraid of what I have placed before you?” I mistakenly took that for a good sign and tore into the letter. Since I read the decision, I’ve been thinking about the question that was posed to me Tuesday afternoon. The only answer I have is “because I have no idea what it is and that scares the crap out of me.”

I still have no idea where this road is taking me, or where the destination is, but still I find comfort in knowing that, for perhaps the first time in my life, someone who knows what they’re doing is charting the course.

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