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A letter!

Posted by: mose

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“Dear Applicant:

Thank you for participating in the recent agency training. The process of getting hired by any law enforcement agency can be long and even stressful at times. Congratulations on getting over the first hurdle.

at this time I would invite you to submit your Personal History Packet to the Bellevue Police Department….”

Yay! I’ll drop this off on Monday and then it’s back to the waiting game!

2 Comments to “A letter!”

  1. the wife Says:

    I am proud of you and behind you 100%!

  2. Da Hudge Says:

    Nice work Weiner-face!

    Now you can go around arresting the townies! My dad was a Bellevue cop from ’67 to ’81. You are following in bulbous footsteps.

    Good luck.

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