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Plans for the week

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So, I’m going to work tomorrow. It feels good. Really good. I didn’t get a new job per se, but my good friend Bob is short-handed and has been kind enough to let me do some work for him this week. I’m really grateful he’s giving me this chance. I’ve helped him out once before when he needed a hand with a night job. I really enjoyed it. It’s good old-fashioned hard work. No desk. No computer. And certainly none of this crap:

Never Again!

I’m not banking on the police thing 100%. I can’t read God’s mind, so I can’t be absolutely certain that’s his plan. I don’t think it’s untrusting to be looking around for other opportunities. I’ve applied for positions with the TSA, FBI, a great Christian investment firm, and some other places. If something comes out of those, great. I’ll ride it out until I get a call from a law-enforcement agency. I will not, however, go back to a call-center. I will not sit in a halficle (if it doesn’t have four walls, it’s not a cubicle) with a lame headset, taking call after call. If I happen to have a phone on my desk at my next job, it will have one of these.



Consider it a solemn vow.

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