A slick and polished mess.

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Things are shaking and things are moving. It seems like everything is in a constant state of flux right now. Trying to get into school, looking for a new job, potentially changing career fields, my wife starting a new job, the kids growing up so quick. It’s hard to stay grounded and keep my bearings. There’s just so many things going on right now. Still, it’s exciting. I can see God moving in five or six places and have given up trying to keep track of what He’s doing. Right now I’m just holding on for the ride. Around and ’round she goes. Where she’ll stop, nobody knows. In the end, I think all of this is moving towards blessing us and bringing Glory to God. Leigh Ann’s promotion alone seems to testify to the movement of His hand. It was practically handed to her on a golden platter. While she’s certainly worked hard enough to earn it, the ease with which it came is astounding.

So for now, we’ll continue to praise God for the work He’s doing and faithfully await what’s to come.

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