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Donald was right. I am doomed.

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Dear family, friends, and e-friends,

Should I ever disappear or turn up hacked into pieces, please direct the police to check out the creepy facilities guy at my work. He’s really creepy, but in a disarming way. He seems friendly enough. I don’t know what he actually does around here, but a great deal of it is done walking/sitting around singing and muttering to himself. Not like some people do when they’re concentrating on something. (“Okay, just one more…” etc) It’s the random mutterings of that guy you pass on the street wearing camo pants, flanel jacket, and sea captain’s hat. Like this guy:

This guy will stab you in your sleep

In fact, that kind of looks like the crazy facilities guy.

Now, this guy may be completely nice and just a little eccentric. I’ll grant you that. However, I’ll add that if you think that, you’ve never looked into his eyes. There’s madness there.


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