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Ronald Jenkees is awesome

Posted by: mose

Posted in: Rock

This just in. I love Ronald Jenkees. You don’t know who Ronald Jenkees is. I know. That’s only because you’re not as awesome as I am. That’s to be expected, and no one can fault you for it. Here’s a chance for you to get one step closer to reaching my level of awesomeness.

Ronald Jenkees is just a goofy lookin’ guy. See: See? Goofy lookin'. He is also a ridiculously talented keyboard player. I’m not usually a synth fan; however, this stuff is just fantastic. It’s creative, innovative, and highly skilled. Craftsmanship aside, the guy is just plain fun to watch. His geekiness is endearing. The obvious love and passion he has for music pours out of your speakers. It’s infectious.

He even serves up some guitar-like goodness for the rock inclined.

You can watch a whole lot more at his Youtube channel. If you have money and want your awesomeness to exceed mine, you can show love by buying some of the tracks or the whole album at his site.

God bless my homeboy Ronald Jenkees. Keep on rockin’ in the e-world.

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  1. Casey Says:

    Those glasses are PIMP.

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