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Random thoughts

Posted by: mose

Posted in: Just for lolz., Life, Rantings

Reason #438,238 to abolish the IRS. Tax season. My life will become infinitely easier April 16th. Well, maybe the 24th. :\

“Rock chalk Jayhawk” is the stupidest chant I’ve heard in my life.

Pepperonis are awesome. Way awesome.

6:00 AM runs are fantastic. They fall second only to 1:30 AM runs. At least that I remember. Haven’t had one of those great nights in 7 years. :\

:\ is the best emoticon ever created, other than Orangeface, #dslr, WP, RIP Logwind, OP, SP

That is all.

2 Comments to “Random thoughts”

  1. your wife Says:

    sorry to have taken away 1:30am runs. Never knew that running at 1:30am was better than wife snuggles.

  2. mose Says:

    Lady, getting old took 1:30am away from me a long time ago.

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