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Bryan at Bank of America is awesome.

Posted by: mose

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So a few years ago, we tried to work out some debt consolidation thing with Bank of America. After going through the final terms & conditions, something made me back out. Can’t really remember what it was. I called and they said they canceled it. However, for the last few months, I’ve been getting mail that is referencing my “account” with them. Yesterday, I had a few minutes so I called them. The following is a transcription of the best “cancel my account” call I’ve ever had. Information verification left out intentionally.

Bryan: “Bank of America something something services, this is Bryan, how can I exceed your customer service expectations today?”
*I smile at the cheesiness*
Mose: I started opening an account a while back and thought I closed it, but I’ve been getting mail that makes me think I’ve got an open account with you guys.
Bryan: Yep, you do.
Mose: That shouldn’t be the case. I didn’t mean for that to get open.
Bryan: Okay, so you wanted to get that closed then?
Mose: Yes, that would be great.
Bryan: Alright, just a second…
*I cringe in anticipation of the retention pitch*
Bryan: Okay, the account’s closed. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Mose: No, that definitely exceeded my expectations.
Bryan: Haha, okay, you have a great day.
Mose: Thanks, you too!

Did you see what happened there? He did what I needed him to do without giving me crap, hard pitching me, and making it uncomfortable. The result: I have no hard feelings against BoA regarding this situation. I actually have a better feeling about doing business with them in the future, should an opportunity arise.

Businesses, take note. People don’t like being “sold hard” or harassed.

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  1. Robert Says:

    The same thing happened with me ant Chase Credit Card. I had an Amazon credit card with a 29% APR (I got it when I first turned 18). I haven’t used it in over 3 years (I use my Amex with a 4.5%, 20k limit card).

    So I figured I would call up Chase (Amazon CC) to see if they can lower the 29% APR to say 15%, then I would at least keep it open, otherwise cancel it. I would prefer to keep since I’ve been with them so long.

    So I called and the guy answers (Andrew was his name). I tell him that I want to renegotiate my APR and that I haven’t used the card in 3 years. He tells me that he can’t lower that, it’s fixed and that’s what it’s set to. So, in a daring move I tell him that I don’t use the card, and if we can’t lower the APR to just close the account.

    “Ok, it’s been closed. Please allow 30 days for the 3 credit reporting agencies to be notified that this account was “closed by customer”. You will also receive a letter in the mail confirming this” was his response. No retention pitch – nada, zippo. Not even offered to increase my credit limit, or offer me something else. Just like that – closed.

    I don’t miss it – I only use 1 credit card, my Amex, and they are very very nice over there.

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