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It’s about time for an update. I’m getting in a bad habit of not updating for a while, then posting enumerated lists. Oh well. You’ll have to live with it.

1. Life as a walking dichotomy is rough. You know the right thing and the right way, but sometimes can’t bring yourself to do it. You find yourself walking down a path you know is leading nowhere, but feel powerless to change it. This, if unchecked, eventually leads to regret and self-loathing, and withdrawal, which makes it easier to keep going down that wrong path in a vicious downward spiral.

“I am my own worst enemy.
I sink my teeth into the hand that feeds.
I curse and praise in the same breath.
Which man in the mirror is the one that’s left?” – The Wedding

Which one is it? Am I a beacon of salt and light? Or am I grumpy, irritable, sad excuse of an ambassador? I’m afraid I know the answer. If you know me, you probably know it too.

2. In the spirit of the air conditioning debacle, we have been battling the furnace for months now. Flame sensors, oxygen sensors, climate control computers, etc. All have gone bad. Up until this point, they’ve been “fixable”, but not enough to warrant a new furnace under our home warranty. Well, it went out again last night, and we called the home warranty people again. They gave us the now too familiar number of AA American Heating & Air. (This company is highly recommended.) They paged a poor technician to roll out to our house in the evening. Now, this poor guy has been out to look at the furnace more than half a dozen times. Each time it’s something “minor” but I can’t have a one month old baby in a house with no heat when it’s -15 outside. He’s a good guy and a good sport about it, though. Luckily, this thing has finally kicked the bucket. It’s running again, but there’s a real problem causing the repeated malfunctions that will require us to get a new furnace, covered under the warranty. At most, we’ll have to find $300-$600 out of savings somewhere. Way better than the $5,000 we went into debt in the old house replacing the furnace/ac. When he told us this great news, I was expecting to have to wait a month or two to get it in and was pleasantly shocked when he said he might be able to have it installed Friday (that’s tomorrow!).

3. Snyder of Hanover’s Buffalo Pretzel Pieces are FANTASTIC.

4. I’ve been growing out a full beard for about a week. It looks fairly spectacular so far. We’ll see how far along it can get before the boss forces me to shave.

Yeah, so that’s all I got for now. :\

*Edit* 1/28/08 – I just noticed that I accidentally used “all I got” instead of “all I’ve got”. It’s incorrect, but it sounds straight hip-hop, so I’m gonsta havesta go ahead and leave it that way.


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