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Scratch another off the list

Posted by: mose

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Called Sarpy County Sheriff’s department to find out what was going on with hiring. “If you haven’t gotten anything from us by now, we’re not lookin’ at you.”

Two down. One more rejection to go.

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And we’re back…

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Okay, so the feedback on the green was split at best, so we’re back in black.

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Hay guise! You like my new threads?

Posted by: mose

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So I was helping this customer figure out how to install themes for his WordPress blog. He liked this one but it was broken when he uploaded and activated it. To see if whether his WP installation was borked or if the theme was bogus I tossed it up here real quick. After the call I went back to the blog and it hit me. “That’s kinda hot….” So, I guess we have a new theme, at least for now. Hit me up with the comments and let me know what you think. Yep, all three of you.


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A musical dichotomy

Posted by: mose

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I really never intended for this to be a “Hay, guise, check out this youtube video!” / musical review blog, but that’s the way it’s gone lately. Sorry. Music is a huge part of who/how I am so I can justify it that way, I guess.

Today, I present you with something that makes no sense. I really don’t like techno/house/electronica/whateverthey’recallingithesedays. I don’t get the people who pee their pants over it. I think, as a whole, it’s ridiculously overhyped and overvalued.


I *love* Daft Punk. I just can’t get enough. This also makes no sense. There’s practically nothing original about the music. It’s mostly recycled riffs from obscure songs from the 70s and 80s with new drums, bass, and synth dubbed in. The “lyrics” are minimal. Heck, in one song there’s only three words that repeat throughout the track. By my usual standards, it’s absurd. It’s dumb, yet… I love it. There’s just something about what these two weird French guys in robot costumes put out that makes me smile and bob my head. I’ve always though people going to see Moby or other DJs live was about the dumbest thing since Carrot Top, but I would have killed to have been at this show:

Better, Harder, Faster Stronger / Around The World Mixup.

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I’ll preface this by saying I’m not intending to purposely offend anyone. However, please someone explain these to me:



What is the point of this? “In memory of so and so…” That’s a dependent clause. There’s a first half of that sentence that is usually left off because it’s obvious. In order for something to be “in memory of John Doe” something has to be being done. You erect a building in someone’s memory. You donate money to a charity in someone’s memory. You… drive to Walmart in someone’s memory?. What is in her memory? What have act have you performed that has been done in her memory? What is it you have done that is honoring her? Was the act of paying $5.00 for a vinyl decal your act of remembrance? What sort of memorial is that? Are you cutting me off and not using your turn signal to honor your dead relative? If you have one of these stickers, please tell me why.

I just don’t get it.

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