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“Eight time Grammy award nominee Lil Wayne.”


Seriously? What has this world come to?

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Since I’m home more during the day now, I’m privileged to see more day-time basic cable classics. PBS is pretty good from 6AM-7AM. Just a few minutes ago, we were watching Golden Girls. You know, it was boring when I was 10. HIGHlarious now. The highpoint of my morning, really. (Yes, it’s a sad existence.) So, we’re at the breakfast table and my daughter looks towards the TV and utters the most profound questioning of the stimulus in front of her. “Daddy, is the girl in the pink a boy or a girl?” I told her, “It’s a girl, sweetie.” “Well, it kind of looks like a boy.”

Of course, she was referring to the lovely, beautiful Bea Arthur.

Gaze upon her visage...

For Teh Lulz

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Well, today was a good day of honest, hard work. We took care of business, got stuff done, and made it home through the ice-storm in one peice. It was also my last full-time day working with my good buddy Bob. With the economy tanking, there really isn’t going to be enough work going forward to keep me around, and the schedule was taking its toll on both my wife and the kids. I’m needed around here more than I’ve been able to be. We also need to pay bills, so I’m still looking for another job until Bellevue PD, Sarpy County Sheriffs, or Papillion PD realize how awesome I am. Technically, I still work there, but (extremely) part time. I’m effectively on-call for nights and weekends. When the other guy is out of town (like today) or doesn’t want to go out at night, I’ll take care of it. It’s a good arrangement.

I applied for a help-desk job yesterday, that may pan out. If anything, I’m overqualified for the position, but not so much that it should prevent them from considering me. If you know anything about my self-deprecating nature, you know that I’m not a braggart by any stretch of the imagination; but, this company would be foolish not to hire me for this position. We’ll have to see if I can make them see that.

Coming back to the ice-storm, it kind of hit me out of nowhere. I guess that’s what I get for not watching the news. I didn’t have an ice-scraper in the car, and both of the driver’s side windows were covered with ice. So, I carefully drove to the gas station and proceeded to humiliate myself. I started the gas going and went into the station to purchase an ice-scraper. I also got a Bananas Foster Cappuccino. (Fantastic by the way!) Then I went back out to the car. I put the coffee in the car and start scraping the heck out of the windows. I finally got them cleared, got back into the car and pulled away.

Did you spot it?

That’s right, I drove away with the gas nozzle still in the tank. I’m not even a woman. How is that even possible? I got 5′ away when I heard a thunk. *CRAP* I turn around and, sure enough, there’s no hose hanging from the pump. I get out and find the nozzle still embedded in the tank. I put it back and tried to reattach the hose. I then take a walk of shame into the station to confess my sin. The two girls manning the shop were both watching and one of them was apparently already on the phone with a maintenance guy. I stop and say, “You both just saw that happen, huh?” 😐 Luckily, they make the hoses idiot-proof these days. They shut off and disengage at some sort of release nut. They let me know it was okay and sent me on my way. I screwed it back in to the best of my abilities and slowly drove away with my tail between my legs. The worst part of this is I can no longer make fun of other idiots who do this.

On the good news front, my mother-in-law was super enough to buy us tickets for the upcoming BarlowGirl concert. We’ve got a babysitter lined up and will make a night of it. Yes, I love BarlowGirl. They are my escape from the Christian Hardcore/Metal world, yet they still rock. Check ’em out.

You’re welcome.

Mosecrest out.

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