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LS is back!

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Living Sacrifice

My year has just been made. Living Sacrifice has reunited. Even though Project 86‘s ‘Songs to Burn Your Bridges‘ by is still my favorite album of all time, I still have to say that Living Sacrifice’s 2001 release ‘The Hammering Process‘ is the best album of this decade. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a cohesive 40 minute metal assault, and I love it.

Yes, LS getting back together pretty much makes my year.

As usual, the tour with Demon Hunter (TRIPLE WORD BONUS) isn’t coming through O-town. Maybe I can sneak down to KC June 14th to check it out.

Let’s rock!

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Teh flu. I has it.

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So, I was fighting a head-cold for about two weeks. Nothing too bad. Just some drainage and a stuffy nose. Then, Thursday morning, it descended into my throat. I started coughing that nasty weezy cough that kills your throat. I felt a fever coming on, so I left work around 11:30. I played it cool Thursday night, hoping it was one of those 24 hour bugs. No such luck. Yesterday I had to call in. I hate calling in sick to work. I’m always afraid they’re going to think I’m faking. I had no choice though. Today is no better. My whole body aches, my head is stuffy, the cough won’t go away, my head feels like it’s at 150 psi. I can’t regulate temperature at all. I layer up because I’m freezing. Two minutes later, I’m sweating. I take a sweatshirt off, and immediately my arms feel frozen. I hate this.

Fellas, if your wife wants you to get a flu shot, listen to her.

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Bryan at Bank of America is awesome.

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So a few years ago, we tried to work out some debt consolidation thing with Bank of America. After going through the final terms & conditions, something made me back out. Can’t really remember what it was. I called and they said they canceled it. However, for the last few months, I’ve been getting mail that is referencing my “account” with them. Yesterday, I had a few minutes so I called them. The following is a transcription of the best “cancel my account” call I’ve ever had. Information verification left out intentionally.

Bryan: “Bank of America something something services, this is Bryan, how can I exceed your customer service expectations today?”
*I smile at the cheesiness*
Mose: I started opening an account a while back and thought I closed it, but I’ve been getting mail that makes me think I’ve got an open account with you guys.
Bryan: Yep, you do.
Mose: That shouldn’t be the case. I didn’t mean for that to get open.
Bryan: Okay, so you wanted to get that closed then?
Mose: Yes, that would be great.
Bryan: Alright, just a second…
*I cringe in anticipation of the retention pitch*
Bryan: Okay, the account’s closed. Is there anything else I can help you with?
Mose: No, that definitely exceeded my expectations.
Bryan: Haha, okay, you have a great day.
Mose: Thanks, you too!

Did you see what happened there? He did what I needed him to do without giving me crap, hard pitching me, and making it uncomfortable. The result: I have no hard feelings against BoA regarding this situation. I actually have a better feeling about doing business with them in the future, should an opportunity arise.

Businesses, take note. People don’t like being “sold hard” or harassed.

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