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Boy, oh, boy. My foot is killing me. I bought a new pair of running shoes on Saturday and some insoles to go with them. To break them in, I decided to go on a nice long run yesterday. I did 4.5 miles, but about halfway through, I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. By four miles, they were screaming. I really hope it’s the insoles I got with them. They have a really high heel, which I think was putting more pressure on the balls of my foot. Since that’s exactly where my regular insoles are designed to take the pressure off, that’s probably why my right foot is still on fire this morning. I’m going to lay off it for the rest of the day and probably not run tonight. It’s my day to lift anyway.

I’m probably going to suspend the running and lifting altogether Wednesday or Thursday. I’ve got a big day on Saturday and I don’t want to strain anything or risk any injuries. I’m in the best shape of my life right now, taking into consideration I’m almost thirty years old. (God help me.) Still, I have no idea how I’ll do. I’m pretty confident I won’t have a problem, but there’s still nagging doubts. I’ve got butterflies right now just thinking about it. I have to remember that everything that has brought me to this point appears to have been pre-ordained. Every time I’ve thought about not going through with it or examining other options, God slams those doors shut and gently brings me back onto this road, like a shepherd guiding a sheep along the path. “Stop trying to wander. Stay on the road upon which I’ve placed you and see this through.” I have to believe that if He has worked the circumstances to bring me to this point, He’ll help me rock it. If you want the cliche, “If He brings you to it, He’ll bring you through it.” It’s campy, but it works.

I’ll see you, Saturday.

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1. I’m somewhat of a grammar, spelling, & pronunciation nazi. Today’s pet peeve: sell & sale. They aren’t the same word. They do not sound the same. They do not rhyme. If they rhyme when you say them, then:

2. “Lord, search my heart,
create in me something clean.
You see flowers in these weeds. ” – Reese Roper

I hope He does. My life’s rather weedy right now. I’m not in a very good place, spiritually, and I don’t know why. It’s like looking out a tinted window. I can see the sun, but can’t really feel the warmth. This will require some action before I drift any further towards apathy.

3. Ireland is awesome. They are currently the only country with the gonads to stand up to the European Union’s borg-like assimilation mission.

Ireland rejects Treaty of Lisbon

“The Irish electorate has rejected the European Union’s Treaty of Lisbon. Irish television says 54 percent voted against and 46 percent for the treaty in Thursday’s referendum. Ireland was the only EU country to hold a vote* on the issue.”

That’s right, they let the people vote on an issue that directly affects their lives.

“Irish Prime Minister Brian Cowan did his best to persuade people to vote in favour of the treaty which was designed to strengthen the EU and streamline its institutions. However, opponents said it would give too much power to Brussels and could affect Ireland’s neutrality and abortion laws.

The ‘no’ vote signals crisis in the EU as the treaty can only implemented if it is ratified be all 27 member states. It has already been ratified in 18 countries.”

Good for you, Ireland.


To finish it off, how about some Jewish reggae/rap? I agree, mother. That’s a fantastic idea. Here’s some music. With a video. Matisyahu is just plain dope. His rhymes are tight, and the lyrics are beautiful poetry.

I apologize for the ringtone spam at the bottom of the video. That’s the only copy I could find that allowed embedding.

* The word plebiscite has been changed to “vote” for simplicity’s sake.

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New music is fun!

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I have discovered my new favorite band (at least for now): The Devil Wears Prada. They’ve taken over my Myspace music profile. I really wish I could get out to one of their shows. Unless I hit the Warped Tour when it comes through KC (Yeah, right), I’m out of luck.

I will now share with you an amazing live performance. There’s a nice message to start with, so mom can’t get call it devil music. 😉 I LOVE the energy of this band, and the crowd at Cornerstone is awesome as well (duh).This pit is great, and the crowd is totally into it. At one point (most of you won’t make it this far into the video) the bass player and one of the guitarists just jump out onto the crowd. I like stuff like that. It’s’ boring when bands just stand there and play a song. I love bands that get excited about performing.

Without further adieu, I present to you The Devil Wears Prada (TDWP) – Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over. Prepare to have your face rocked off.

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Ronald Jenkees is awesome

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This just in. I love Ronald Jenkees. You don’t know who Ronald Jenkees is. I know. That’s only because you’re not as awesome as I am. That’s to be expected, and no one can fault you for it. Here’s a chance for you to get one step closer to reaching my level of awesomeness.

Ronald Jenkees is just a goofy lookin’ guy. See: See? Goofy lookin'. He is also a ridiculously talented keyboard player. I’m not usually a synth fan; however, this stuff is just fantastic. It’s creative, innovative, and highly skilled. Craftsmanship aside, the guy is just plain fun to watch. His geekiness is endearing. The obvious love and passion he has for music pours out of your speakers. It’s infectious.

He even serves up some guitar-like goodness for the rock inclined.

You can watch a whole lot more at his Youtube channel. If you have money and want your awesomeness to exceed mine, you can show love by buying some of the tracks or the whole album at his site.

God bless my homeboy Ronald Jenkees. Keep on rockin’ in the e-world.

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It’s true. I love The Wedding. Even with the new singer. (I think). I love God too. This is a wonderful combination of things that I love.

We drive all day and drive all night; you’re a part of this fight.
Don’t let that sleeping dog lie, boy
Cause everywhere we go they want more than what the world can offer.
Bring it back one more time.
I can’t keep quiet the things that I gotta say.

They bring them in on stretchers and when they leave they’re walking out.
That’s what our God’s about. OK?

We’re making strides we’re doing fine, we’re just starting to climb.
You better get yourself in line.
Cause we don’t have time we’re moving forward and we’ll never stop.
So make up your mind you’re either with us son or you’re not.

They bring them in on stretchers and when they leave they’re walking out.
That’s what our God’s about. OK?

Move over.
Move over; cause you’re starting to drag me down.
And I won’t let anything stop me now.
Take your place here with me.
You know me there is nothing that I won’t do

If you would prefer to hear the studio version, and see it played in Guitar Hero, enjoy:

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LS is back!

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Living Sacrifice

My year has just been made. Living Sacrifice has reunited. Even though Project 86‘s ‘Songs to Burn Your Bridges‘ by is still my favorite album of all time, I still have to say that Living Sacrifice’s 2001 release ‘The Hammering Process‘ is the best album of this decade. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s a cohesive 40 minute metal assault, and I love it.

Yes, LS getting back together pretty much makes my year.

As usual, the tour with Demon Hunter (TRIPLE WORD BONUS) isn’t coming through O-town. Maybe I can sneak down to KC June 14th to check it out.

Let’s rock!

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Are you ready to rock? Volume II

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So I promised a preview in the previous post, yet never did it. It’s just as well, though. The teaser probably won’t entice anyone to listen to the finished product, when published. I thought about putting it with the backing track so at least there would be drums, and you’d get a better idea of how it’s supposed to sound when done. I might as well put it out there naked for the world, though. It’s rough, the timing is off. There’s mistakes and miscues. And, boy, do I need a new effect. Oh well. Such is life. Enjoy.


By the way, the song is actually only 1/3 of the total track time. If you keep listening, you’ll enjoy 3 minutes or so of dead air. :O

*Update* I re-recorded a lot of it last night. Some sounds better. Some of it sounds worse. It’s more complete though. AND, there’s no 3 minutes of silence at the end.

Oblivion Demo II

Feel free to blast me in the comments. Constructive criticism is welcome, also.

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Are you ready to rock?

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So, I’m back in “the studio”, as the recording bug has once again bitten me. Things are progressing nicely, other than the fact that I have no mixing ability. I’ve decided on a cover for this edition. I’ll attach a preview to this post sometime this evening. It’s not half bad, if I must say so myself. I just wish I could wrap my head around Nuendo and record it in there. Acid is easier, but nowhere near as robust.

In other news, I have taken the Gut Kick page down. Got tired of making promises I can’t (won’t) keep, and at this point the page stood for embarrassment only and not accountability.

For a tertiary level of news, I e-mailed a copy of my Ihop rant to them directly. Maybe we will see some manner of reconciliation. Maybe not.

Finally, I’ve been reviewing traffic logs for this little site o’ mine. The number one search result that people are finding this site through is “Wendell, I’m not content”. Apparently people are googling Far Side cartoons and getting as a result. I find this hilarious. Maybe I should add some other keywords to get traffic.

::Ahem:: Britney Spears, Metallica, Darfur, Ron Paul, Rudy Giulliani, Hillary Clinton, Obama, Osama, Aunt Jemima.

That outta do it.

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Feel the Fu!

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So a few weeks ago, I had not shaven for a few days and decided I would let it go until my wife called me on it. By the time she complained, I was sporting a respectable beard. It was still young, but established, so I continued to grow it. Last night, I augmented it; partly to tick her off over an argument earlier yesterday evening, and partly just for fun. I shaved just one razor’s stripe down my chin, resulting in some odd pseudo-redneck-fu-manchu. The results were exactly what I was looking for. She was ticked, and I looked awesome. By Kati’s bedtime tonight, Leigh Ann put her foot down and told me she wouldn’t be seen in public with me until I shaved “that stupid beard”. So, I acquiesced. Kinda. I promptly went over to the sink and began shaving. Little did she know, I was only unleashing the full power of the fu. Now, my awesomeness is impossible to calculate or comprehend.


Feel the Fu!

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And then there was MLMP

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Boy, am I lousy at coming up with titles for these posts. :\

Anyway, updates are good. Here are some. Recording is starting to come together some. See Here. It’s still really rough and only about half the song, but you get the idea of where I’m going with it. (There’s still a surprise or two coming) After I get Thasp to mix it with hotsaus, I will be crowned the king of rock’n’roll.

In about an hour, we’ll find out if we’re having a boy or girl. Is the suspense killing you?

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